Monday, 10 August 2015

Iloilo Weekend

July is a busy month for our family because we're celebrating three birthdays - my dad's and both my sisters'. For my father's birthday, since he's workaholic, we had a dual purpose trip to Iloilo - to celebrate his birthday and to visit a project site.

Everything was spontaneous. We just booked a car rental and wandered. From the airport, we went around the city and had dinner by the riverside boardwalk. The next day, we went to the port and rented a boat to Guimaras Island, home of the sweetest mangoes.

I realized that we should try to go to different places in the Philippines, even if they're not as popular as the other destinations, because our country is so wonderful that every city/municipality is worth visiting.

Punot Restaurant, Riverside Boardwalk

Anhawan Resort

Pitstop Restaurant, Guimaras Island

around the city
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Guimaras Island
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