The Modern Zebra
Residential Design | 2013
This party house is visually inspired by the zebra pattern. The main entry leads to a spacious dining area because Filipinos usually have conversations over food, eliminating the need for a receiving room. The kitchen is spacious to accommodate a catering setup and has only the basic facilities. The roof deck is also designed to become an outdoor venue for gatherings.

Snow White Display
Visual Merchandising | 2013
This white and minimal display use red apples and a classical frame, to give a hint of the Snow White concept without taking away the focus on the merchandise displayed.

Magic Courtyard
Residential Design | 2014
This is a Z-themed house with a character inspired by the Evil Queen from the series "Once Upon A Time". The letter Z is evolved into a straight line that connects two oblique lines. The plan has the designer's Z in the middle that goes farther to the back every floor. Custom furniture also follow the Z's of the plan. Even the stairs is in the shape of the Z. A collection of Z's is also made into a modernized tree pattern that is used on the living room window and on the wall continuing to the ceilings of the second and third floor.

Ball Pit Restaurant
Commercial Design | 2015
When asked to design a family restaurant, the first thought goes to what entertainment it should offer. After deciding on a ball pit, the design language takes the shape of the ball and creates a restaurant that is a study of circles. The ball pit is at the center of the lower floor because the essence of a circle is its center, and circular dining booths are placed on one side, while the kitchen is on the other. From the circular waiting area, two ramps lead guests to either the public dining area or to the upper floor private dining. The private dining mirrors the dining booths on the lower floor with an access to a private slide down the ball pit.

Design School
Institutional Design | 2015
The school is designed with the creative people in mind. Classrooms are designed to have cushioned bleachers rather than individual armchairs to make it conducive for collaboration and discussion. The library features different seating options, with a lecture hall on its mezzanine. It also has a secure materials inventory on the lower floor. The faculty lounge has office desks on the sides with low bookshelves that separate it from the cafe-style seating that opens to the outdoor garden.

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